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Ask Cameron questions

The Guardian got various public figures to ask David Cameron questions. I thought that the best questions (the ones that got Cameron to say the most revealing and interesting things) were Lamont’s question about what Cameron would have done had the Tories won a majority and Dawkins’ question about religious schools. Lord Norman Lamont, former … Continue reading

Economically naive?

The right are always keen to paint the left as being economically naive. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard right-wingers(and some Lib Dems) say that anyone who doesn’t support the coalition’s cuts 100%, is in favour of a position that no economist could possibly support. However, it is not consensus among economists … Continue reading

Modest clothing

A friend informed me about the existence of modest clothing a while ago. Here are some examples: Hannah Lise Jen Clothing My first reaction is to ask what the hell is the point? There’s nothing on these websites that you can’t buy at M&S. It’s not as if the high street only sells hotpants and … Continue reading