Christina Odone is not good enough for the Catholic church

Christina Odone, a leading (and horrible) Catholic public intellectual, is actually not in communion with the Catholic church.

Few people realise just how unpleasant an institution the Catholic church is. In order to fully participate in the church you have to go to mass each Sunday, and take communion. If you miss a mass (or commit any other sin) you have to go to confession before you can take communion again. If you don’t repent your sins before you die you go to hell (or possibly purgatory for a while if God’s feeling generous)*.

Divorce and remarriage are not allowed by the Catholic church. No one who has committed this sin can be allowed to take communion, unless they first repent in confession. It is also a sin to marry someone who is divorced. Christina Odone is married to a divorced man, and is not allowed to take communion:

This is painful, as I know first-hand: when I married a divorced man, I could not do so in church, or continue to take Communion at Mass. Mine is a painful situation, but not an unfair one: as a Catholic, I knew the rules.

I actually feel rather sorry for Odone. How horrible it must to believe that you’re going to go to hell unless you leave your husband and repent your sins.

Very few of my friends (especially since many of them lead alternative lifestyles) could participate in a Catholic mass. But it’s very strange that even a famous British Catholic isn’t considered to be a good enough Catholic to participate. She’s almost part of the Catholic church PR machine in the UK, yet she can’t participate fully in a church service.

*That’s a bit of a simplification.


5 thoughts on “Christina Odone is not good enough for the Catholic church

  1. Knowing very little about Catholicism, would she actually have to leave her husband and then repent or could she just repent the sin of marrying him just the once and be forgiven but stay married to him? Or could she marry him, commit the sin and then repent at the very last minute before she dies?

    If so, then it’s clear that she doesn’t really care about the fact that she married a divorced man and she doesn’t really think she is on her way to hell. She chose her man over her eternal salvation which is either a very bad decision or a careless one. So, I agree with you, perhaps not such a great stance for a ‘leading Catholic’…

    • I’m a bit rusty, but she can’t repent and stay married to him. She’d have to repent the marriage. They could look after the children together, but they could not have a sexual relationship or consider themselves to be married.

      Yes, she could repent on her deathbed, which is what I presume she intends to do! But I’m not sure how the Catholic god would look on this.

  2. You could shorten that to ‘Christina Odone is not good enough’. Readers may add any ending they choose and unless they’re particularly inventive it’ll probably still be true.

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