I love humans: Against misanthropy

It’s very fashionable for people to talk about how much they hate all humans. Or, after a long day, to talk about how they want to be by themselves and “avoid all humans.”

Here’s an example of an internet misanthrope:

Sometimes I can’t f**king stand humans! Well most of the time actually. The stupidity and lack of common sense of most people makes me want to throw up. Am I the only one on this f**king planet who feels like this?? I move around a lot to try different places to see if its better, but it never is! Please tell me I’m not alone here!!!

This is a very odd thing to say. As IM (internet misanthrope) types this I expect he’s sitting on a sofa that humans made, while typing on a laptop that humans made. He’s certainly sending his rant to other humans across the human made internet.

Humans are responsible for pretty much everything we do! Even when we’re alone, the chairs we’re sitting on have been made by humans, and the books we’re reading have been written by HUMANS. Human civilisation has given you the means to time on your own, on a comfy sofa, with a laptop, to moan and blog about how you HATE ALL HUMANS. Please stop it.


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