Ask Cameron questions

The Guardian got various public figures to ask David Cameron questions.

I thought that the best questions (the ones that got Cameron to say the most revealing and interesting things) were Lamont’s question about what Cameron would have done had the Tories won a majority and Dawkins’ question about religious schools.

Lord Norman Lamont, former Tory chancellor of the exchequer
If there were no coalition and you were governing as a Conservative prime minister alone, what three things would you most like to have done that you have not been able to do in coalition?
“Further action on welfare reform. Perhaps the control of immigration…”

That is fucking terrifying. Welfare reform has been draconian enough. It’s difficult to imagine it being much worse. I worry that they would have tried to implement something like The Wisconsin Plan.

And his answer to Dawkins’ question really shows him to be an idiot:

Richard Dawkins, ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author
Why do you support faith schools for children who are too young to have chosen their faith, thereby implicitly labelling them with the faith of their parents, whereas you wouldn’t dream of so labelling a “Keynesian child” or a “Conservative child”?
“Comparing John Maynard Keynes to Jesus Christ shows, in my view, why Richard Dawkins just doesn’t really get it…”

Another interesting thing I found out (from Abbott’s question) is that Cameron was a Mccain supporter, which really strikes me as being fucking crazy. That was back when he was trying to present himself as a fluffy, electable, non-scary conservative. Why on earth would he have supported Mccain?

I also like Jonathan Ross’ question about the war on drugs, but I’m not including it in my best questions because Cameron was easily able to brush it off.


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