Label alcoholic drinks

I think most people who know me would agree that I’m not a puritan. One of the ways in which I’m not a puritan is that I like to drink. Alcohol does have lots of advantages. Being pleasantly tipsy/drunk is fun, and it does make social interaction easier.

Alcohol is a pretty dangerous drug though.* I try to drink it with caution. When I was younger I did some pretty stupid and embarrassing things due to not drinking with sufficient caution.

It would help if there were an easy way of finding out how much alcohol I’m drinking. Although there are ways of figuring out how many units I’m drinking,** it’s a huge hassle. Wouldn’t it be sensible to label alcoholic drinks in shops and in pubs with the number of units? I can’t see why this isn’t the case already.

It’s a dangerous drug. I want to know how much of it I’m taking.

*Link to paper here.

*My friend P says on Facebook: Well you can get it by multiplying the ABV by the volume – a unit is 10ml of alcohol. But that’s still much more painful than it needs to be when they could just print the number of units on the bottle! Some do.


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