Modest clothing

A friend informed me about the existence of modest clothing a while ago. Here are some examples:

Hannah Lise

Jen Clothing

My first reaction is to ask what the hell is the point? There’s nothing on these websites that you can’t buy at M&S. It’s not as if the high street only sells hotpants and see through tops.

[I’m also generally uncomfortable about the idea of modest clothing, and I expect the businesses that run these online stores are run by Christian fundamentalists of some sort, but that’s a topic for another post!]


7 thoughts on “Modest clothing

  1. Surely the same applies to any specialist shop? You can get something similar from the high street, but through the specialists you’ll get a wider range, and be supporting businesses which share your interests or ideals.

    To put it differently: I’m all in favour of shops selling modest clothing, in precisely the same way as I approve of shops selling fetishwear.

  2. Mm, interesting! I wonder if they do gift vouchers? Then I could see the point, as they’d be a way to gift someone clothing while controlling what kind of clothes they buy (ugh!).

    Although it’s obviously not what the websites are for, I think they’re actually kinda cool for some trans women, for whom covering-up might not be modesty, but useful in terms of presentation. Not necessarily to buy from, just to browse a variety of ‘covered-up’ styles. That’s not a defense of them, though, just a thought.

  3. Actually the swimsuit section is pretty good… I have previously had trouble finding a normal “one piece” swimming costume with decent straps and no cut outs that isn’t made by speedo. I’d quite like a swimming costume sturdy enough to, you know, swim in, that still looks pretty. It’d be easier if I was a larger size as the tummy control swimming costumes tend to look more like what I would be after but they often don’t come in smaller sizes.

    I do get where you’re coming from though, if it were not named as ‘modesty’ clothing and instead ‘clothes for the naturally cold’ then I’d be far more interested. I find it odd that trousers aren’t modest enough for them to be sold, only dresses and skirts.

  4. The clothes on the second site are quite nice; I can’t actually see what is particularly modest about them apart from the fact they’re not fetish wear.

    A far cry from the Little House on the Prairie here:

    I’m all for freedom of whatever you want to wear be it bikini or burkha. It’s the curtailing of that freedom of choice around clothing I have an issue with.

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