Economically naive?

The right are always keen to paint the left as being economically naive. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard right-wingers(and some Lib Dems) say that anyone who doesn’t support the coalition’s cuts 100%, is in favour of a position that no economist could possibly support.

However, it is not consensus among economists that Osbourne’s austerity measure are the correct solution to our current economic situation. See this anti-austerity letter to the Guardian from 100 economists supporting measures that are normally dismissed as naive and stupid by rightwingers (including a financial transaction tax).

It was actually signed by two of my old lecturers at Sussex (Dr Michael Gasiorek and Dr Peter Holmes) and I remember them being pretty mainstream economists.

I’m sick of the right falsely presenting consensus when there isn’t one.


3 thoughts on “Economically naive?

    • Well, there’s pretty much a consensus among mainstream economists that soviet style communism is a bad idea! It annoys me when right-wingers put being anti-extreme austerity in the same category as soviet communism!

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